A short film by Marieta Petchanska
starring Maria Rodriguez.




20.05.2016, Night of museums Varna


20.05.2016 г , Петък
20:30 ч

– „Вяра“ – 2011 г, 13 мин реж.Мариета Печанска
– „Прошка“ – 2015 г, 13 мин. реж.Мариета Печанска

Морска градина – до Обсерватория „Н.Коперник“
Лятно Кино „На Тъмно“


We would like to inform you that the film “Forgive” has been selected for the Special Programme of the 28. FILMFEST DRESDEN from 12 to 17 April 2016!


International Premiere at LET'S CEE Film Festival in Vienna, Austria, 8th Oct. 2015


Bulgarian Premiere of our short film at 33th Golden Rose Film Festival in Varna, Bulgaria, 7th Oct. 2015


 Short Film Corner 
Cannes 14-23 May 2015



A short film based on the music clip LLuvia.
Original idea by Marieta Petchanska.

"Forgive" is a poetic short story of a broken dream. 
When you cannot change the past - the only remedy is forgiveness.

Starring Maria Rodriguez & Veselin Veselinov.


The idea stems from the short story that is reflected in the music video LLuvia (Rain). It is an ambiguous video that evokes the curiosity of the viewer. The short film tells the story of the video in a reverse mode. While the protagonist is training, a dramatic love story unravels through flashbacks.

Production Notes

Directed & written by Marieta Petchanska
Principal shoot 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2014
Post-production 03 Nov - 15 Nov 2014
Format 4k DCP
festival SCREENING Cannes Short Film Corner 2015
Producer Kultura Petchanska
Budget 22,8k euro
Filming Locations Vitosha ¨Kulata¨ National TV Center, Vitosha road, Waterfront Film studio, Railstation ¨Poduene¨, Tram station, Tram interior, Streets Sofia
Camera RED, shot in 25/50 fps, 4k, 2rd, approx. 1500GB raw material


Portrait Marieta Petchanska

Marieta Petchanska

Marieta Petchanska graduated film studies and started her career in Madrid, Spain. She has specialised in music videos, creative video interviews and short documentaries, as well as short fiction movies. Marieta’s experiemtnal visual art has been up on the world wide music scene since the beginning of her career as an audiovisual aritst.  She is also the author and creator of the innovative project “Conscious Cinema” that gained great popularity since its first public showcase in 2013.
Some of her work you can view at:
For information on Conscious Cinema Project, please visit : 

Portrait Maria Rodriguez Garrido

María Rodríguez Garrido

María Rodríguez Garrido also known as La Mala, La Mala María, or Mala Rodríguez (Mala, Spanish for bad), is a Latin Grammy Award-winning Spanish hip hop singer. Born: February 13, 1979 (age 35), Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, Movies: The One-Handed Trick, Awards: Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song, Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album.

Veselin Veselinov

Veselin Veselinov is the most promising east-European Muai Tai fighter.  Twice second world champion and multinational champion he is also very good looking on camera and a promising actor.  He has been working in several music videos and is the protagonist of the latest still unreleased music video of Mala Rodriguez - lluvia. He is 28 years old, born in Bulgaria.


Irina and Dani are a young couple in love living in Bulgaria. They are dreaming of a better life somewhere far from their country. Dani is a Maui-Tai fighter, but in order to make money, sometimes he works as a messenger on the black market. Irina makes clothes in her home studio.

Although they are in love and happy together, the harsh Bulgarian reality is bringing them down and making their being an unpleasant strive sometimes. Dani believes that one day he can turn on the mafia and escape with his girlfriend and a load of money far away.

Irina, on her side, is so involved with him that she would do anything just to see him happy for once. She is tired of him fighting and being nervous and suspicious about her. She just wish that everything would turn up right one day. Not having enough money, makes Dani feel uncomfortable and suspicious about Irina. He projects his own insecurity with her and this makes him act precipitately.

His tragedy is that he has to learn the biggest lesson of his life, by losing the most valuable thing he has - Irina. And it is irreversible. Irina is killed because of his acts and all he has is a load of money and a load of guilt.

The only thing left for Dani is to find a way to forgive himself and move forward, clean. And the rain will come to clear it all.


Screenplay Marieta Petchanska
Director Marieta Petchanska
Director of Photography Dimitar Nedelchev
Focus Puller Genadi Ivanov
Assistant camera Vlado Mateev
Downloader Vesela Videlova
Light Dimitar Zvetkov
Grip Dimitar Jeliazkov
Sound Aleksey
Production Galabena Botova
Stylist Stanislava Yanakieva
Make up Zvetanka Hristova
Hai Elvira Georgieva
Art department Studio Pistolet
Casting and production assistant Yoana Ilieva
Production Assistant Andrey Assenov
Production Assistant Petar Bonin
Production Assistant Plamena Ivanova
Direction Assistant Velina Shtarbakova

PRODUCERS Marieta Petchanska, Denis Mujovic



Grading Marieta Petchanska, Matadora Films
Composer Ivo Paunov
Sound Design Juan Rúa / delaRua Productions Ltd.





Music video by Mala Rodríguez performing Lluvia. © 2014 Universal Music Spain, S.L.

The Music clip LLuvia is the Prologue of the short film. And the short film is the explanation of the music video. Both stories are self-sufficient and complementary at the same time.

Production Stills


Marieta Petchanska